Globales Sein


Our store is situated on the Art Mile, Mühlengasse, corner of Ratinger Straße, and is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.30 am to 7:00 pm.

Many years ago we started to create our own jewellery from a great variety of materials. Inspired from the enthusiasic reaction of our clients we developed a highly individual collection of necklaces, each of unique character.
This is how we created a world of fantasy: deep blue and hand polished Lapis, combined with goldened replicas of antique pendants of the National Museum of Teheran, and glass beads from Africa, which used to be a way of payment, combined with silver beads with an archaic effect from a people called Karen of northern Thailand.

This is how the label Aphrodise originated.

Convinced by the high quality and colorful texture, Globales Sein included the label "Ivko" too - knitwear fashion from Serbia. Another delight in our store is "Prächtig Berlin " - edgy women’s wear made with silk and velvet.


GLOBALES SEIN: our store in Duesseldorf



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