Globales Sein
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Touch and beauty of our materials: finest silk from Varanassi, handmade cushions and bedcovers from Rajasthan, root chairs from Java, shamanic scents from the mountains of the Himalayas, buddhistic devotionals from Nepal, finest brass-foundred sculptures of hinduistic gods from India, handformed beads from Africa, antique afghan jewellery or traditionally woven textiles from the border region of northern Thailand. Let yourself be inspired by the mystic effect of most beautiful jewellery, made after antique, passed on dekor patterns, and be fascinated by the aura of antique beads from Mali.


The uniqueness of these objects and the limited number of the permanently changing articles makes every single visit a new experience.

We aim to discover the excepional for you. Most often we deal with smallest units or irretrievable unicats which the owner collects during her numerous journeys.



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